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Dimensional Slate Stone Models Make a Difference with Egetaş Quality

Eb horse slate; It is the standard appearance of the slate brought to an artistic dimension. Slate sizes, where you can make the best use of natural beauty in your living spaces, have a wide range of uses. Areas such as interior walls, exterior facades, park and garden floors are some of the areas where dimensional slate is frequently preferred. We offer you the superior quality in sized slate models that you can obtain in different sizes and sizes. Our slate models, which you can use in many different areas, also have a durable structure against adverse climatic conditions. Our slate varieties, which attract attention with their natural and aesthetic appearance, offer important advantages in terms of thermal insulation and building health. The prices of our sized slate models, which combine natural beauties and magnificent features, are also very affordable. Slate stone prices may vary according to size and models. You can contact us for more detailed information about the models you need.
Ebatlı Kayrak Seçenekleri
Slate Stone Models Slate stone models with dimensions can be used in many different areas around you with their durable structure. You can take advantage of the features of the sized and mesh slate models to create more original and aesthetic designs by expressing your creativity. We are always with you to make many living spaces such as homes, villas and workplaces look more beautiful. Do not forget to follow us on our social media accounts to be informed about the campaigns we organize for this purpose and to take a look at our work.

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