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Exterior Cladding Options and Changing Advantages

Exterior cladding options  Today, it adds a wonderful appearance to the exterior of our houses and protects the walls of the building by covering it. Facade cladding options, which offer important advantages such as heat and sound insulation, have become a minimum requirement for almost every building today. In this article, we will evaluate the different options you can use on your exteriors. So which exterior cladding options are available to us ?

Vinil Covering

Vinill coating is known as plastic exterior facades used in living spaces. The efficiency you get from this facade cladding system can change with the usage situation and the effects of the environment. Vinyl coating may require repair and renewal in a short time if the coating process is not done carefully.
  • It is more economically suitable .
  • There are a wide variety of designs on the model.
  • It offers insulation advantages with insulated models.
  • In areas that will not be affected by intense climatic conditions, you can use it for a long time without the need for repair.
  • It may need a little cleaning and maintenance once a year.

Metal covering

Metal coating is a type of coating that can be preferred for those who dream of a modern architecture. Aluminum is used in steel metal coating. The variety of models in both components is rich enough to appeal to different tastes.
  • Metal coatings are resistant to external influences. Easy wear and no deterioration are among the important advantages of this coating.
  • Metal coatings can preserve their color and appearance for a long time.
  • More than 40 years of trouble-free use can be guaranteed with effortless cleaning and maintenance.

Stone Coating

Stone cladding is one of the most preferred facade cladding models in our country and in the world. In particular, the fact that our country has rich reserves in this sense and the contributions it provides to the area where the stone is used together with its natural appearance greatly increases the preferability of stone veneer. Stone coatings also differ as artificial and natural stone coatings. Many different natural stone types such as marble, slate, granite are among the products you can use on your facades. For more detailed information about natural stones natural stone categories and properties  You can review our article.

Exterior Cladding Options Assessment

When evaluating and choosing about exterior coating options, you should definitely consider the geographical and climatic conditions of the area you will be coating. You should not use products that may be damaged by the sun in a very hot place or products that may be adversely affected by water in an area with heavy rain. With such a variety of materials used for exterior cladding models, why not choose the best for your buildings? Let’s not forget that the exterior cladding not only provides an appearance, but also many benefits such as investment and protection. For this reason, the better and the better we choose a quality cladding panel, the more benefit you will be. By evaluating the advantages you have in sheathing types, you can examine our sized slate stone models for magnificent stone walls and stylish facade cladding and you can also take a look at the exterior cladding applications made with our products. When choosing facade cladding products that provide insulation advantage and offer durable and long-term use, we recommend that you get help from an expert about the effect of your geography on these options.

If you prefer natural stone that will add natural beauties to your living spaces among the exterior cladding options, you can reach us through our social media channels or contact our phone number for those you are curious about.


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