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Exterior Cladding Options and Changing Advantages

Exterior cladding options  Today, it adds a wonderful appearance to the exterior of our houses and protects the walls of the building by covering it. Facade cladding options, which offer important advantages such as heat and sound insulation, have become a minimum requirement for almost every building today. In this article, we will evaluate the […]

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Building Facade Cladding with Slate Stone Difference

Building siding models are diversifying day by day and supported by different materials. However, developments in the processing of natural stones have made significant gains in facade cladding processes. The facades, which were previously prepared with a simple design, now attract attention with their modern and stylish looks. The traditional cladding and plain appearance have […]

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Use of Slate Stone in Exterior Cladding

The use of dimensional slate has been increasing lately. Especially with the discovery of the important advantages of slate in facade cladding processes, we see that slate with size and mesh has caught a big trend lately. With the sunrise in the morning, a beautiful reflection and a magnificent environmental harmony is an important factor […]

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Make a Difference with Meshed Slate Stone Models

Netted slate models are indispensable for living spaces lately. Slate with mesh models, which are an important alternative to measure and shape the naturalness and reflect it to your living spaces, are offered at very affordable prices with the difference of EgeTaş. Natural stones, which are an important alternative in reflecting the beauties of nature […]

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Where Slate Stone Is Used

Where slate is used, many people have sought an answer to this question from time to time. Although we see some areas of use, natural stones can have many different areas of use. Since past times, people have used stones in different ways in order to preserve their existence and to provide their life with […]

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