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Villa dış cephe kaplama modelleri için zengin çeşitlilik sunuyoruz.
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2021 Trend Villa Exterior Cladding Models

Villa siding models  It takes place in Egetaş with new designs exclusive to 2021. We open the way for stone coating possibilities in many different models in order to give your villa a magnificent exterior appearance and to feel the natural beauty in your living spaces in the best way. We offer you a very wide category with stone models that you can choose specially in line with the characteristics and structure of each villa. You can get information about the properties of the stones before deciding which model will be better for your villa by browsing our different stones and panels. The strength, quality, structure of the stones you will use on exterior facades are extremely important in terms of the insulation of the building and the protection of the facades. For this reason, when choosing stones, you should filter some issues and choose the most suitable natural stone for your villa. get help from experts is recommended . Fortunately, you are at the right place for your villas to have a wonderful appearance from all aspects of their exteriors. Egetaş continues its services as one of the leading companies in the sector in natural stone preference and is an establishment where you can find the most suitable natural stone options for your needs.

Slate Stone Types You Can Choose For Villa Exterior Cladding Models

Slate stones are frequently preferred in villas and apartments built as apartments, as well as in detached houses. The advantages of slate stone in terms of insulation, its natural and elegant appearance, and its robust structure play an important role in the preference of slate stone. But of course, the advantages of slate stones in buildings are not limited to this. Considering the desired comfort in private living spaces such as villas and apartments, it may require a comprehensive study from interior decoration to exterior decorative coating. Slate stone models can be used in both interior decoration and exterior applications with mesh and dimensional options. In this way, you can easily reach living spaces with a magnificent harmony by ensuring inner-outer harmony. It is also difficult for the living spaces supported by insulation and covered with natural stones to be adversely affected by the climatic conditions. Thus, the features of comfortable living spaces can become more permanent by protecting the interior and exterior of the buildings better. You can take a look at our products immediately to give your villas a wonderful appearance and a durable structure.

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