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Where Slate Stone Is Used

Where slate is used, many people have sought an answer to this question from time to time. Although we see some areas of use, natural stones can have many different areas of use. Since past times, people have used stones in different ways in order to preserve their existence and to provide their life with the highest level of comfort. Slate stone is also a stone that changes people’s lives and is even a companion to their lives. As the phrase goes, we can use the word Yoltaş for natural stones that have been used in every field throughout human history. Slate stone; In the past, it has been used for various purposes in the construction of houses, preventing mud on the roads and in many other areas. The usage area of ​​slate is not limited to the past. With the development of technology, quarries pass the large stone masses through various stages and present them to the service of people with a much different use today. Slate stone models are significantly influenced by the characteristics of the geography in which they are extracted in terms of color, shape and appearance.
The Use of Skiing Today Slate rocks, which preserve their value today as in the past, have now become an important alternative for providing decoration in living spaces. Slate stone is frequently used in exterior and interior decorations, and its usage area and purpose are diversifying day by day. Currently, the sides of the pool are among the natural slate stone usage areas. Slate stone dimensions are adjusted by quarries in the most appropriate dimensions and produced ready for the usage areas of the customers. In addition, free stone models can be preferred with their success in reflecting natural beauty without being subject to size limitations. Slate is currently used in the following areas and it is estimated that these areas will diversify over time.
  • Exterior cladding
  • Interior-Exterior Decoration
  • Garden Paths
  • Decorative Covering
  • Fireplace
  • Oven
  • Chimney
Slate, which is an important alternative among Decorative coating materials, is preferred with its natural appearance. But of course we cannot say that this is the only reason. Durability and resistance against water are also an important criterion in evaluating slate stone options in terms of protecting living spaces. Decorative wall covering prices vary according to the prices of the material used. Slate stone is an important choice for decorative coating with its affordable price.

In What Measures Is Slate Stone Available

Slate models are extracted from the areas where they are located and subjected to various cutting and cutting processes in quarries. During these processes, stones are made ready for customer use with free dimensions or different width-length dimensions. It is also an important point that slate stones have different thicknesses according to the areas where they are used. For areas such as wall covering, interior decoration, fireplace, 1-2-3 cm thick stones are used. But the stones to be used on the roads should be a little heavier and thicker. We can say that 4-6 cm is preferred in these areas of use. For areas such as garden paths where we will use slate stones without mortar, a thickness of 6-10 cm is preferred. As EgeTaş, slate and other natural stone models, we maintain our determination to meet you with quality and to support you in adding natural beauty to your living spaces. Do not forget to check our products for natural slate with mesh and different stone models!

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