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Different Natural Stone Categories and Properties

Natural stones have been used as building materials for a long time and in this sense, they leave a long history behind. Along with today’s developments, developments in stone processing methods have also increased the diversity in the usage areas of natural stones today. Many reasons such as the long-lasting use of natural stones, the benefits they provide in terms of insulation and their aesthetic appearance significantly increase the preference of natural stones. There are hundreds of natural stone types that we can use in our living spaces today. Many different gains such as structural features, appearance, and long-term use are important criteria for the selection of these stones. Natural stones can be used for many purposes such as garden walls, garden paths, interior decoration and facade cladding.

Natural Stone Types

Natural stones are present in our country and in the world with an incredible variety that will add color to our living spaces. The variety of products that we can use in many different areas such as garden, facade coating, interior decoration, workplace is quite high. Slate stones are also presented with a more aesthetic appearance with their dimensions and designs specially processed as mesh slate and dimensional slate stone. Slate to size models  You can browse our online store.


Quartzite has been an important natural stone model for a high level decoration in our living spaces. Its clean and bright stance is one of the most important factors in maintaining the popularity of quartz. Quartz can also be preferred for bathrooms and pools.


Marble is the most widely used natural stone category today. Many areas such as glass edges, balconies, workplace areas are areas where marble is frequently preferred. The marbles are divided into categories such as beige marble and black marble according to their vein structure, area of ​​extraction and appearance.


Granite is a type of rock that can be used in many different tools, especially in kitchens. Its color, texture and durability seem to create different uses for granite in the future. Its heat-resistant structure has a significant impact on the use of granite in tools such as pots and pans.

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