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Aegean Black Natural Meshed Slate Stone Usage Areas

Aegean black natural mesh slate models create an impression that can be used in almost every field with their magnificent appearance. Aegean black, a model of slate stones frequently used in interior and exterior wall cladding, brings an elegant and stylish look to every area where it is used. These stones, which are extremely resistant to abrasion, can also be used to surround outdoor spaces such as garden walls. Natural slate model is frequently used in different applications such as fireplace, chimney, barbecue.

Things to Consider While Choosing Meshed Slate Stone

Meshed slate stone creates a magnificent appearance in every area where it is used with its natural appearance. However, the choices and decisions made on this subject can also significantly affect the effect of natural beauty.
First of all, if you aim for an aesthetic appearance, you should pay attention to environmental harmony. We recommend that you choose the most compatible natural stone with the environment you will be covering in exterior cladding. If you live in an area with constant rainfall and harsh climatic conditions, it is useful to choose more durable slate models. Although slate stones have a resistant structure, the level of wear may vary depending on the quality of the stone.
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