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Exterior Decorative Stone Coating

Decorative stone coating processes ensure that living spaces gain an aesthetic appearance. Produced stones and natural stones are frequently used in decorative coating. Have versatile use, stone coating products can be classified according to many variables. Architects, builders and cladding masters especially prefer natural stone models for decorative coating. Stone coating processes can be applied to brick surfaces and concrete surfaces. Along with the diversity in the application area, natural stones are preferred in facade cladding processes due to their durability. The use of natural stones may vary according to the climate and geography.

Exterior Decorative Stone Coating Preparation

A meticulous preparation process is required primarily for decorative stone wall covering processes on exterior facades. It is subject to a preliminary assessment whether the surface and structure of the building where you will be performing the stone coating process is suitable for this process. The quality of the coating materials and the structure of the stones used are extremely important in terms of the result of the work done. Facades are the most critical detail for houses to have a lively appearance from the outside. This factor, which is extremely important for the house to have an interesting appearance, varies according to the structure of the building. The use of water-resistant barriers, fasteners and mortar in the outer coating is also among the important needs. The stones used in the exterior may also require cleaning and maintenance from time to time. With granular soap, detergent and brush, you can clean the stones used on the facade in a healthy way. Another important issue that should be considered in terms of protecting the appearance of the surface is that you do not use surface scratching cleaning materials on natural stones and facade cladding.
Dış Cephe Dekoratif Kaplama

Decorative Stone Cladding Process

The vital beauty of natural stones attracts attention as soon as the coating process begins. Of course, a good start is needed to reflect this beautiful and interesting view to your living spaces. Even if the stones that are produced and produced and naturally extracted are different from each other in various angles, there is a high similarity in appearance when desired. Stone coating processes were first seen in the late nineteenth century. Later, these facade cladding processes, which attracted the attention of people, have survived until today as both artificial and natural stones in order to create a decorative appearance. Natural stones, which are extracted from nature as a whole, are cut and examined and presented in pallets with various breaking processes.

Requirements for the Most Beautiful Decorative Exterior Covering

Certain skills and tools are needed to perform the decorative coating process in the best way possible. It is the product of quality material and skillful labor that decorative natural stone coating processes gain an aesthetic appearance and provide versatile benefits with their durable structure. So let’s take a look at what is needed to provide the most beautiful decoration as derivatives of these.
  • Choose a stone model suitable for the colors of the area you will apply from natural and produced stone models. A good choice is the most important source of aesthetic beauty.
  • The durability of the stone you will use and the quality of the coating materials you use are the basic elements for healthy coating services. You need to pay special attention to these factors and work meticulously.
  • If you are getting services in stone coating, if you have the opportunity to examine the previous works of the people you receive service, evaluate them. Try to do this with the support of people who can do these processes in the best way and turn their work into art.
  • With all these elements and pinpoint choices, you can get support from EgeTaş family to reflect the most beautiful natural stones to your living spaces.
Dış Cephe Dekoratif Taş Kaplama

How is Decorative Facade Coating Process Performed?

Handcrafted facade cladding processes made with careful choices and meticulous work will create a wonderful aesthetic in your living spaces. So how are these processes done? It is indispensable for the necessary materials and skillful people who have the necessary skills to be included in the process for decorative pocket coating processes. With all these elements coming together, all you have to do is enjoy this moment. Surface control should be done well in the facade covering processes such as brick, stone and wood, which have many alternatives. Important details such as thermal insulation conditions, climatic conditions in the area where the building is located require particular attention in the type and construction of the coating. After the superficial smoothness is achieved, the coating process can be started safely. You can use natural stone coating processes on exterior facades as well as in interior decoration. There is no restriction on the use of natural stones, on the contrary, there is a wide range of use and purpose of use. Natural stone cladding processes, where you can reflect natural textures to living spaces in the best way, will provide a much more attractive appearance, especially for gardens for homes.

Materials Required

The materials used in exterior facades are important in many aspects such as heat and insulation in homes, as well as decorative coating. Natural stones and factory-produced stones can be used for facade coating processes. In addition to these, a number of different materials are also available as support material. It is in your hands to ensure that the facade cladding processes end in a healthier and more aesthetic way by providing the right material in a quality way. In addition to the stones you will use on the facade surface, you can also use different products. However, in general, materials such as fiber cement, wallpaper, and plaster are used in external wall coating processes. The benefits of the natural stone you will use in exterior cladding are very important from the following aspects.
  • Natural stones create an aesthetic impression by providing a natural appearance on the exterior of your homes.
  • The natural structure of the area where the facade is located, together with the structure of these stones, which are extracted from nature as they are and whose natural appearance does not deteriorate, will provide a wonderful harmony.
  • Natural stones will protect you from the adverse conditions of your climate and geography in the best way. Their resistance to moisture and frost must be an important choice for your living spaces.
  • Ease of cleaning is also an important reason why natural stone surfaces are preferred in facade coating processes.
If the exteriors of the houses where natural stone will be used have a green area, a tremendous integration can be achieved with natural stones close to a green facade. Offering an aesthetic appearance both environmentally and decorative, this preference enhances the superior comfort it provides with the highest level of aesthetics.

Natural Stone Models You Can Use on Facades

Natural stone models that you can use on exterior facades are quite diverse. However, it is useful to consider the climate and geographical elements of the area you will use when choosing. This situation is noteworthy in the areas where natural stones are extracted, as well as in different structures and colors depending on the climate. Even if you make your own aesthetic decisions about choosing natural stones, you must get professional support in terms of usage. We offer you our natural stone models that you can use in interior and exterior decoration and facade cladding processes. You can contact us immediately to reflect the natural beauty of these models to your living spaces in the best possible way.

Slate Stone

Slate ; has a versatile and multi-purpose use among natural stone options. The images for the Black Natural models of these stones, which have different usage areas, are given below. Although the sizes of these stones vary, free sizes are generally preferred. Slate Stone

Mosaic Split Face Stone

Mosaic split face stones are also frequently preferred for wall covering. These stones, in which different colors in harmony with each other create a great harmony with various dimensions, are presented in a way that they are attached to each other. Mosaic Blasting Stone

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