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Your Guide to Choosing a Natural Stone

Natural stone is among the most preferred options as flooring material for living spaces such as homes and workplaces. Natural stone types and models are rocks that can be used in a versatile way for interior and exterior decoration. Especially slate stone It is frequently preferred. The preference of slate stone is due to the fact that it reflects the natural beauty in its most original form. Do you want to bring a natural beauty to your homes, workplaces or different areas? Then this article can be a guide for you. Natural stone models such as travertine, marble and slate can be found in different processes according to their usage areas. As Egetaş family, we aim to offer you the ambiance you want to provide with natural stones with our high quality natural stone products. Although it is known that each stone type has its own characteristics, you can get information from relevant experts on how these stone properties can contribute to your usage areas.

Things to Consider in Natural Stone Selection

The choice of natural stone is an extremely important issue for living spaces. Matters such as the structure of the stone, the area where the stone will be laid, the skill of the masters laying the stone are as important as the choice of natural stone. Natural stones can be diversified according to the geographical location where natural stone is extracted, the climate of this location, and the processing style of the quarries. Although it seems that various natural stones are extracted in many different provinces of our country, the diversity in structures such as color, brightness, and structure can be important parameters to consider when choosing natural stone. We have presented some issues that you should pay attention to in choosing natural stones as suggestions below.
  • Choose a natural stone model suitable for the intended use of the area where you will be laying the natural stone. In areas where slippery can be dangerous, such as poolside, you can choose natural stone models with non-slip structure.
  • You can use slate stone for interior and exterior decoration of your living spaces such as houses and villas. It is also possible to use different natural stone models. Climatic conditions are also an important factor that you should pay attention to in this regard.
  • You can also prefer marble in products such as countertops and tables made of natural stones. With its durable structure and easy to clean, marble is used as an important alternative in many areas. As a table and a coffee table, you can make the most of the natural beauty of marble.
  • Another important issue that you should pay attention to for aesthetics when choosing natural stones is the appearance of the area where you will be laying natural stone. By choosing colors and models suitable for the area where you will lay natural stone, you can transform the beauty of natural stone into a more aesthetic structure in your living spaces.
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Types of Natural Stones

The feeling and emotion that the word natural evokes in us creates a much more moderate atmosphere of course. In these days when the need for natural beauties is increasing, natural stones are an important alternative to meet many needs of our living spaces and us. A decoration that suits your kitchen, bathroom, rooms, workplaces and many different areas where you live is possible with natural stones. If you are determined to add a natural beauty to your living spaces, here are the types of natural stones that can be an alternative for you and you can use in different areas.


Diversified around many different parameters such as color, brightness and durability, marble models are among the natural stones that are widely used in living spaces. Marble glass, which has a bright and elegant appearance, is used in many areas such as countertops, coffee tables and tables. Marble is characterized as having medium hardness in grading made with various scales. You can choose without hesitation to turn the elegant structure and bright looks of marble into an aesthetic ambiance in your living spaces.


Granite is a rock that has been frequently preferred recently and has an intensive use rate, especially in kitchens. Its durable and stylish appearance increases the demand for granite in terms of both aesthetics and usability. Many different areas such as kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, exterior walls are other areas where you can choose granite. You can choose granite options, which you can find in different options in terms of durability and color, by considering various elements of the areas you will use.


Although travertine is described as a limestone, it also has many different aspects that differ from limestone. Travertines formed by the precipitation of calcium carbonate are an aesthetic building block of comfortable living spaces. Especially indispensable for tourism areas, travertine natural stone models have been. Travertines can be used in many different areas such as countertops, interiors, walkways.

Slate Stone

Slate stones can be used for different purposes in various areas such as roads, houses and gardens. Slate stones are rectangular and freely available in different options. Although free stones do not have a measure as a measure, the stones are placed in the best way to ensure harmony. Rectangular panels can be laid on top of each other and side by side. Slate varieties can be extracted in different areas in different areas by being affected by conditions such as geographic area and climate. In the quarries where slate is extracted, different colors and types of slate stone models are also found in the same geographical region.

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