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Living Spaces with 2021 Natural Stone Collection

The word natural often means sincerity, beauty and sincerity for us. As the word natural has different meanings in every aspect of our lives, the common points of these meanings are in a structure that gives people peace. Natural stone We have heard the name of many stone types that we use widely in our living spaces and are highly appreciated for their natural appearance. Natural stones can take place in different types and types, and they can have various usage areas according to their structure. Ege Taş offers you the most beautiful natural stone models that will create wonders in your living spaces in order to create a beautiful impression on your living spaces. Different stone models such as Slate It is used to reflect the beauty in the best way. There are various usage areas of natural stones, where you can reflect the natural beauty of your living spaces in the best way. We share these areas of use with you under various headings.
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Wall Cladding with Natural Stones

One of the places where slate flooring is most frequently applied is the walls of homes and other living spaces. If you want to create a good impression about these areas where you spend most of your time and create the best visual architecture You can make this dream come true with slate wall covering services. By reflecting natural stones to your living spaces, you can get not only visual beauty but also many advantages. Of course, the benefits of these natural stones according to their intended use are actually up to your creativity.
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Decorative Coating with Natural Stones

Regardless of the workplace, home, hotel, school type and purpose, the appearance of the buildings where people receive service and serve at the same time is very important in terms of creating a positive impression. Because a person who wants to get information from you will get the first impression when they see your workspace. Providing the decoration in the best way is one of the most important foundations of the services you will offer to your guests and customers. Decorative coating By reflecting the natural beauty of natural stones to your living spaces, you can ensure that your buildings have an interesting beauty.

Processing Process of Natural Stones

Natural stones are taken from the extracted area to the relevant factories and undergo various processes. However, these processes are not a process that will disrupt the natural beauty of natural stones, but only in the form of measuring, cutting and packaging processes. Many models of these stones, which have different models such as Chinese slate and Brazilian slate, are produced in our country and exported abroad.

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