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The Art of Slate Slab

Although Slate is a piece of rock, it is also an important part of our living spaces today. From time to time, the question of how to lay slate, which provides important contributions to the appearance, insulation and decoration of our houses, has crossed our minds. As Ege Taş Family, we aim to answer your questions such as what is slate stone and how to lay it with this article.
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How to Lay Slate Stone?

Slate stone has many different usage areas and purposes such as home, road, workplace, villa. The method of laying of slate stone may differ according to its usage areas. For the slate laid on the walls, you must first provide a quality kalekim material. Kalekim will be your most effective tool for laying slate, as it has a strong adhesive feature and has a non-slip structure. After turning the kalekim into a mortar and applying the slate stone to the floor you will lay, you should choose the shapes of the stones in a way that best suits each other. You can combine the other stones according to their suitability by using the slate stones with a flat and almost flat floor at the bottom. Closing the gaps between the stones with a suitable joint will add a more elegant impression to the natural appearance of slate stones. If you are planning to make slate on the walls of your homes or workplaces, wall scraping may be needed depending on the condition of the wall. In order for the slate stones to protect the structure on the wall without deterioration, it may be beneficial to separately make the castle on the back of the stones, which is made on the scratched and notched wall. When placing slate stones on the wall, care should be taken not to leave as much space as possible between them. The meticulousness and attention you will show in this regard will save you money in terms of the use of kalekim and will keep the natural harmony of the stones at a higher level. Separate care may be required for the slate stones to be laid in the corners. Using rope while performing the laying process of slate will also allow you to perform your laying processes in a more measured way.
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What You Need to Know About Slate Stones

Slate sort in Turkey most It is mined in the Aegean Region; Kütahya, Bodrum and Denizli are among the cities where natural stones are frequently supplied. Slate stones, which are frequently used among natural stones, can be in different colors, influenced by many features of the geography. In areas where slate is used, it not only creates an aesthetic appearance, but also contributes to various issues such as insulation. There are many options in the color selection of slate stones by taking advantage of the geographical features. In order to bring natural beauties to your living spaces naturally, you can examine our slate stone models and order the model you like at the most affordable prices. Slate Click here to browse our models.

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