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Natural Stone Facade Cladding

Natural Stone is used today for various purposes in many areas of our homes and workplaces. With each passing day, new natural stone models add a colorful look to our living spaces and provide us many conveniences. Natural stones, which means natural stone in English, are removed from the area where they are located, and they are put on the market according to customer demands after polishing and cutting. Pocket covered natural stone Although its use is a more popular approach recently, it offers many advantages. Along with the beauties that natural stones reflect to your homes, they can also have many different advantages. We present the advantages of natural stone to the usage areas below.
  • Natural stone makes it easier for you to have more solid structures by presenting its durable structure to your living spaces.
  • Natural stones have a much brighter appearance after polishing processes. They beautify your living spaces by reflecting this beautiful appearance to your homes and workplaces.
  • It prevents your walls from being damaged and allows you to have both healthy walls and a beautiful living space.
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Masonry Stone Wall Cladding

Stone walls and facade cladding processes that are covered as masonry are done with much more advanced possibilities today. It is now possible to color your homes with the beauty of natural stones in today’s conditions where natural stones are removed with fine workmanship and meticulously processed without damaging their natural appearance! You can examine the natural stone models you want with both traditional and today’s understanding on our site.
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Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stones are frequently used in siding services with different models such as marble, slate and travertine with their black, blue, green and brown colors. You can benefit from natural stone coating services in all living areas such as villas, houses or hotels. Natural stones have a more durable structure with the mortars used in the facade coating process and the mechanical fixing method. Contact us to reflect the natural beauty of natural stones to your living spaces permanently!
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Why Is Natural Stone Veneer Preferred?

Developing technology and advancing technical methods offer important opportunities for the best reflection of natural stones in living spaces. The use of natural stones used as wall panels varies according to many variables such as climate and building structure. Natural stone is also preferred in places such as hotels where people stay with the ball, thanks to its ability to preserve the heat of living spaces, increase its durability and provide many more benefits. The quality of the materials used during the installation of natural stones on the walls is of course an important factor in the permanent beauty of natural stones in your building. The natural stones that you will reflect the colorful appearance to your homes create an aesthetic impression. There is also a wide repertoire of using natural stones. You can get support from organizations serving in this field in the selection of different natural stones such as marble, travertine, granite. As the Ege Taş Family, we can deliver our services to you wherever you are by offering your natural stone needs at superior quality standards. Your home, workplace or other living spaces… We ensure that you can use the most beautiful natural stones together in the areas you want. Then you can contact us immediately to reflect the natural beauty of natural stones to your living spaces.

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