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Use of Slate Stone in Exterior Cladding

The use of dimensional slate has been increasing lately. Especially with the discovery of the important advantages of slate in facade cladding processes, we see that slate with size and mesh has caught a big trend lately. With the sunrise in the morning, a beautiful reflection and a magnificent environmental harmony is an important factor in choosing slate. Together with the quality of the stones used in the facade, heat insulation and protection of the facades of the building can be brought to the building. We may have different goals in the use of natural stone in our buildings. Better insulation, protecting the facade of our building, and covering our living spaces with a beautiful and elegant facade can be shown as examples of our goals. But the most important feature of the dimensional slate is that it offers you many different gains despite your goal.

The Advantages of Slate to Size on the Facade

The sized slate stone has a wide usage area and purpose. Slate, which is highly preferred in siding processes, has many important advantages in terms of the health of our buildings. So what are these advantages?
  • Covering the façades of a building with thermal insulation with natural stones is an application that reinforces the insulation. Thus, by minimizing heat loss, savings for heat energy are also cleared.
  • One of the most important advantages of the sized slide that you can use by measuring and shaping the natural beauties is to bring natural beauties to our living spaces.
  • Slate stone can be supplied in different colors and sizes. The availability of this stone in many different colors and varieties in the market is an extremely important advantage to bring our living spaces to a magnificent appearance.
  • You can use sized slate stone in other areas of your home besides cladding. Like covering garden walls, building garden paths. Thus, you can make the building and the environment harmony look more effective.
Wide use of dimensional slate stone models, incredible variety and magnificent quality are offered at much more affordable prices with the difference of Egetaş. Why do you still waste time when you have many reasons to reflect the natural beauty to your living spaces with the assurance of Egetaş? If you are curious, you can send us your questions and get more detailed information .

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