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Exterior Decorative Stone Coating

Decorative stone coating processes ensure that living spaces gain an aesthetic appearance. Produced stones and natural stones are frequently used in decorative coating. Have versatile use, stone coating products can be classified according to many variables. Architects, builders and cladding masters especially prefer natural stone models for decorative coating. Stone coating processes can be applied […]

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Your Guide to Choosing a Natural Stone

Natural stone is among the most preferred options as flooring material for living spaces such as homes and workplaces. Natural stone types and models are rocks that can be used in a versatile way for interior and exterior decoration. Especially slate stone It is frequently preferred. The preference of slate stone is due to the […]

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Natural Stone Structure and Usage Process

Natural stone types have been widely used by people from past to present as construction materials. With the contribution of technological developments and new methods, the use of natural stones has diversified for both aesthetic and protective purposes. Natural stones are widely used in areas such as construction according to their usage types, as well […]

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The Art of Slate Slab

Although Slate is a piece of rock, it is also an important part of our living spaces today. From time to time, the question of how to lay slate, which provides important contributions to the appearance, insulation and decoration of our houses, has crossed our minds. As Ege Taş Family, we aim to answer your […]

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Natural Stone Facade Cladding

Natural Stone is used today for various purposes in many areas of our homes and workplaces. With each passing day, new natural stone models add a colorful look to our living spaces and provide us many conveniences. Natural stones, which means natural stone in English, are removed from the area where they are located, and […]

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